Folding Chess Sets

Folding Chess Sets

folding chess sets

Folding chess sets have several important factors to impress. from the classic appearance that the wood imparts, to the beauty of the individual design, from the skills of the craftsmen to the aethestic effects that the chess set imparts to any rooom.

For such a greatly-loved game, there is a sm-6_CH122 Olimpic newgreat range of  folding chess sets designs. Please feel free to browse the pages of this web site for more information.
Different woods are used on the various folding chess set designs. To create the squares on the board , different woods and different techniques are used.
On the more expensive boards, the squares are created by intarsia or marquetry techniques. By carefully selecting light and dark woods, these are then veneered on to the box to give the chequered squares  effect. On the other boards the squares are created by a combination of natural wood colour and stained wood  To finish off the design of the boards, many of them have decorative carved  borders and edges , in addition to and alphanumeric notation. In addition some of the chess pieces are enhanced by brass inlays, additional carvings or folding Chess Setspyrographic markings.
Folding chess sets are very popular – and all the folding chess sets that we offer are  hinged in the centre of the board, so that when it folds back on itself, it creates a box where the chess pieces can be stored when the game is not being played, as well as adding to the portability of the sets.
Many of the folding chess sets that we sell are bought for personal use, but they have such universal appeal that they are also perfect gifts for any special event including  birthdays, folding Chess SetsChristmas, and retirements,. Of course, even if you are not a player yourself,  you can still purchase one as a decoration for your home  – and learn to play when or if you have the time!
Complementing our folding chess sets are a range of Staunton chess pieces, rigid boards and chess clocks.


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What other board game can do this. Chess is known as one of the most enjoyable game in the world. It not only challenges logical thinking but also helps to exercise the brain.

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